Mark Woolnough, BSc., MBA, CHS, EPC, CEA, CCS

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative
Certified Cash Flow Specialist
Certified Executor Advisor
Certified Health Insurance Specialist
Freedom 55 Financial

Our role is to build a financial security plan tailored to help meet your specific needs

Freedom 55 Financial

We're dedicated to understanding your goals and priorities to provide you with the professional financial security advice needed to help you achieve your goals.

Whether purchasing a home, financing a child's education or retiring comfortably, your goals are specific to you and we will work with you to provide a financial security plan tailored to your needs.

Canadians feel an increasing need to juggle conflicting priorities, like debt, budgeting, home ownership and retirement planning. When it comes to ranking important financial goals, here’s what Canadians are saying:

  1. Building a savings or emergency fund is their top priority
  2. Being free of major financial debt, like credit card debt, followed right behind
  3. Buying a home and saving for education ranked next
  4. Leaving a good-sized inheritance is the least of their financial worries

(Financial Planning Standards Council, November 2015)

Expectations are changing, as in addition, they want:

  • to know what they are paying for
  • to be clear on what services they receive
  • to know what they can expect
  • to feel that their financial plan is tailored to them
  • to feel in control and involved

(CFA Institute survey, From Trust to Loyalty: A Global Survey of What Investors Want 2016)

We'll help you understand the options that exist, provide a personalized written plan (Certified Cash Flow Plan™ and personalized Naviplan) with recommendations and action plans for full implementation. We will describe the products available to help achieve your personal or business goals and once your plan is in place, we'll continue to work with you by reviewing your financial security plan to help ensure you're on track to achieving your goals. We will clearly outline our unique process, describe the deliverables you can expect and the value/cost benefits.

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Our value proposition is supported with the following surveys:

  • Average net worth of advised investors is nearly three times greater than that of non-advised investors.
  • (IFIC, The value of advice: report, 2011)

  • Households using advisors had an annual savings rate of 8.6 per cent, compared to only 4.3 per cent for non-advised households – save at twice the rate.
  • (IFIC, New evidence on the value of financial advice, 2012)

  • 81 per cent of those with comprehensive financial plans report feeling on track with their financial affairs compared to only 44 per cent without a plan.
  • (FPSC, Value of financial planning, 2012)


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Mark is an intelligent businessman, who is also very articulate and creative and just a great guy. Mark is also a trusted business partner who works to make sure your needs are met. I highly recommend Mark to anyone considering doing business with him.

The value of financial planning

Did you know that when it comes to your financial well-being, advice may be the difference between achieving your financial goals and falling short? Make the most of your money with the help of a financial security advisor.

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Whether you plan to help fund your child's education, build a successful business or retire comfortably, financial products and services should address specific needs in your financial security plan.